Visually Track your Vehicles
Main advantages of OCM vehicle tracking system are:

  • See a moving target (e.g., a car, a bus, a truck, etc.) real time on internet.
  • See group of vehicles together on the same screen with position automatically in real time.
  • This unique GPS Monitoring System makes recovery of stolen vehicles possible even up to 99%. Works through out the globe where cellular coverage is available. PLUS MORE..

OCM Tracking
Automatic Tracking & Security System

OCM Tracking provides you with the needed technology that puts full control in your hand. With an easy, user friendly web based interface, you can keep track of your vehicle location from the comfort of your office or even the convenience of your smart phone.

OCM Tracking system will enable you to monitor your employees, vehicle operators and other assets accurately. This innovative system will boost your customer service and enable your company to be more efficient.

Unlock the potential of your business as this technology enables you to optimize efficiencies and enhance productivity across your entire business. Whether you have one vehicle or a fleet of vehicles, we would be happy to meet your tracking needs.
Track your assets (say, a cab, a bus, a truck etc.) in real time and review your assets' history by drawing reports of its movements including distance covered, speed, places visited over a given period of time either online or in offline mode.View real time movements of your assets on Google Maps.

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